City of Kerrville Rabies Information

If you have immediate questions, please call Kerr County Animal Control
(830) 257-3100.

Kerr County Animal Control Website

Covenants, Conditions & Restrictions

Texas law requires that our CCRs be made available to homeowners on our website. To make this as easy as possible for existing and potential new homeowners, we have collected the CCRs and bundled them by area within Riverhill. To access the CCRs for a given property, view the interactive CCR map here. Click on the color-coded area that includes the property. This will take you to a description of the area and a PDF file that includes the appropriate CCRs and HOA information. Note that some areas are further sub-divided with different CCRs for different lots. This will be explained in the description once the area is selected.

Further lot details can be found on the Kerr County Public Records website at Select the Property Tax and Payment Records link. Search for your property using the Kerr County website and after the information appears click on the Property ID which will bring up detailed information about your property. The Legal Description will identify your subdivision, block and lot number.

Interactive Map & CCRs Printable Plat Map Printable CCR Chart

Individual CCR Versions and Pages: