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We are a voluntary HOA serving the Riverhill Community. Our website is dedicated to keeping our members informed and involved in our efforts. Please use the links at the top of this page for community information, contact instructions, and important forms and regulations.

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Important Zoning Meeting!

There will be a special meeting concerning the proposed development off of Highway 16, south of Riverhill. The meeting will be at the Riverhill CC mansion at 6PM. All Riverhill residents are invited. We will be sharing the current status, the actions taken to date, and suggested next steps in addressing this development that is sure to impact Riverhill residents, particularly those on or near Riverhill Blvd. Click on the blue button below for more information and associated documents.

Please plan on attending.

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The new edition is here! And it is all about the residents of Riverhill. Learn about a special multi-talented resident with either scissors or a paint brush (or both) in her hand. Say "ahh...." when you read the stories about how some of our Riverhill residents first met and decided to tie the knot.

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Latest News

Event Date: May 16, 2022

Special Members Meeting

We will hold a members meeting on May 16th, at 6PM. The meeting will be at the Riverhill Country Club mansion. The agenda is a discussion of the recent re-zoning of an area immediately south of Riverhill on Highway 16.

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Event Date: Apr 7, 2022

Zoning Meeting Results

“3.I. Zoning Change, RE to R-3, 2601 Medina Hwy (Case PZ-2022-13) An ordinance to change the zoning from RE Residential Estate District to R3 Multi-family Residential District on a 36.28 acre parcel being a portion of the Nathaniel Hoyt Survey No. 145, Abstract No. 178, being a portion of 168.47 acres according to the Special Warranty Deed with Vendor's Lien filed in Document No. 21-04751, Official Public Records of Kerr County, Texas; and more commonly known as 2601 Medina Hwy, Kerrville, TX 78028.”

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Event Date: Mar 21, 2022

Current Events at APOR

We have some new faces and roles to talk about, largely due to legislative change, but also simply to bring in new faces and ideas. Scott Schellhase has also joined the archetecural committee, bringing his experience and expertise as an architect and Riverhill resident.

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