RiverHill POA CCR Packets

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Townhouse Tract #1

This section of Riverhill is one of the earlier sections, encompassing Fairway Drive and one side of Sand Bend. It is on the Highway 16 side of Riverhill, accessed from the intersection of Fairway and Highway 16 or from Riverhill Lane. It is primarily duplexes on Fairway, with a mix on duplexes and single family residences on Sand Bend. Note that it does NOT include Fairway Court.


There are additional documents for Lots 41-44 and for Lots 1 and 2. These are noted in the packet and in separate folders. Note that these are in addition to the primary documents, not in replacement.

Lots 41-44, V192,P271 is a re-plat only and so they still need compliance with Townhouse Tract 1 CCR's

Lots1 and 2, V278, P6 is also re-plat/easement and is same as above, TT1 CCR's apply

Townhouse Tract #2

This section encompasses part of Englewood, the part that ends in a small circle and parallels hole # 13 on the golf course. Note that it does NOT include Englewood Circle nor the part of Englewood that originates from Spring Mill. It is accesses either from that section of Englewood or from Sand Bend. It is a mix of single, duplex, and multi-unit dwellings.

Townhouse Tract #3

This is a small section of properties where Englewood makes a 90 degree turn. There are only seven lots in this section, primarily duplexes. This one of the few areas in Riverhill with a single CCR document.

Townhouse Tract #4

This section of Riverhill is broken into two parts, section 1 and section 2. There are six documents that apply to both, with one additional document (separate folder in the packet) that applies only to section 2. Both sections are adjacent to Bandera Highway. One section is accessed from Rolling Green, the other from Riverhill Blvd.

Townhouse Tract #5

This is Antelope Drive, accessed from Riverhill Blvd, paralleling Bandera Highway.

Townhouse Tract #6

This section of Riverhill encompasses part of Oakland Hills Lane and Rolling Green Drive. It includes the part of Oakland Hills Lane that is a loop, but not the part closest to the clubhouse. It includes lots on both sides of Rolling Green Drive. The CCRs for this area are a bit complicated:

The primary Tract #6 has four documents

Most of section 2 of Tract #6 also has four document, three are the same, one is unique.

Section 2, Lots 49-55 - V329,P726 is a stand alone CCR for these Lot numbers only.

Townhouse Tract #7

Includes Rock Creek Drive and Rock Creek Loop, accessed from Riverhill Blvd. and Winged Foot. Single family homes and duplexes.

Townhouse Tract #8

This section of Riverhill includes the "upper" section of Oakland Hills (closest to the Riverhill Country Club) and Preston Trail. It parallels Bandera Highway (173) and can be accessed either from Riverhill Club Lane or from the highway through the Rolling Green entrance. The CCRs for this section apply to all properties in the section.

Estates Tract #1

This is one of the larger sections of Riverhill, including Winged Foot, Highlands, Larry Lee, Spring Mill, Lakewood, a small portion of Englewood, and a small part of Green Tree Lane. SPECIAL NOTE: There are lots in this area with separate CCRs that are IN ADDITION to the basic Estates #1 CCRs. These additions are included in separate folders. They are:

1. Lot 2a, Blk K - V238, P611 just addresses access to the lot, which is from Highlands, not Larry Lee. This is no longer relevant, as it is combined with Lot 1 which has access from Larry Lee.

2. There is no Lot 3b, Blk K - V238, P617 it is all Lot 3, with one single family home

3. Lot 1- V238, P614 is vehicular ingress from Highlands Drive, see item 1 above.

4. Lot 9, Blk L - V243, P846, no construction prior to January 16, 1984.

Estates Tract #2

This is a smaller section that includes Kenwood and Englewood Circles only. Note that there are two folders of CCRs in this packet. There is one set of CCRs for all lots EXCEPT Lots 1-7, Block R. There is a separate set for those lots in a separate folder in the packet.

Estates 2 except Lots 1-7, Blk R are subject only to V179, P765.

Estates 2, Lots 1-7, Blk R are governed by V179, P806; V179, P802 and V180, P584 and are not tied back to V179, P765.

Estates Tract 3

This section of Riverhill is primarily along Riverhill Blvd, mainly on the East side but including portions on the West side of Riverhill as well. It includes the following circles: Augusta, Rockwood, Turnberry, Braeburn, Ridgewood, and Hickory. All lots are under the same CCRs


This is a small section of Riverhill on Riverhill Club Lane. The cottages are near the tennis complex and adjacent to the pool area.


The Casitas section is at the end of Riverhill Club Lane, adjacent to Fairway Drive.

Los Adobes

This section of Riverhill is on Sand Bend, on the Highway 16 side (west). These are multi-family, multi-story units. Note that there is a separate HOA that serves in addition to the Riverhill HOA for these properties.

Fairway Court

Fairway Court is a small section of four lots off of Fairway Drive. They are townhouses governed by a set of CCRs separate from those on Fairway Drive.

The Meadows

This is a smaller section of Riverhill directly off of Riverhill Blvd and the Bandera Highway. It includes Boyington Lane and Rogers Circle

Riverhill 11

Riverhill 11 is one of the newer areas in Riverhill, near Highway 16. It encompasses Castle Pines Drive, accessed from Riverhill Blvd.

The Fairways

The Fairways are behind the open area and drainage slip at the intersection of Sand Bend and Fairway Drive..

Behind that are Lots 1a,b,c and 3a,b,c. These lots are accessed from Terrace Lane, not Sand Bend or Fairway. These appear on our map as "The Fairways", but are under the Riverhill Oaks HOA, separate from APOR.