Frequently Asked Questions

Renting Property

Deed Restrictions prohibit renting property in Estates No. 1 (Volume 148, Page 396, Paragraph 5); No. 2 (Volume 179, Page 774, Paragraph IV-5); and No. 3 (Volume 179, Page 794, Paragraph IV-5). Owners in Townhouse Tracts who rent are advised to include in the rental contract that tenant shall comply with the use and maintenance requirements of the deed restrictions. Property owners are responsible for compliance. For more information on short-term (B&B/VRBO) rental regulations, click here.

Garage Sales

While the City Ordinance on Garage Sales (City Ordinance 97-07 ART. 11-1-3 (44) does not require a permit for a Garage Sale of "used household or personal articles" open to the public and conducted on residential premises, it does provide that garages sales should not be "conducted more than ninety days after a similar sale at the same premises". The Ordinance also provides for "display of only one sign per street frontage, and only on the property of the sale. Signs may never be displayed on utility poles or Stop signs or on any other property" (Emphasis Supplied.) It is clearly the intention of the ordinance that garage sales should be limited to household or personal items of the resident/owner.

In addition to the City Ordinance, The Covenants, Conditions and Restrictions applicable to all properties in the Riverhill Subdivisions include the provision which is shown below. It is clear that garage sales (especially on a street like Fairway Drive) conducted with some regularity are activities which may be an annoyance or nuisance, or even dangerous, to the neighborhood.

"No noxious or offensive activity of any sort shall be permitted, nor shall anything be done on any lot which may be or become and annoyance or nuisance to the neighborhood. No lot in the subdivision shall be used for any commercial, business, or professional purpose or for church purposes."(Emphasis supplied).

Some of the streets within the Riverhill Subdivisions are narrow cul-de-sacs (e.g. Antelope Trail, Fairway Drive, Englewood Drive). Inappropriate and extensive parking of automobiles on all Streets often creates annoying and dangerous situations. Sufficient room for ready access to all properties in the Subdivisions space must be maintained and left on each street at all times so that all First Response vehicles (Police Cars, Fire Trucks and Ambulances) will have sufficient room to move from one end of each street to the other. To do anything less could create very serious and dire circumstances in the event of an emergency, which often happens without warning.

On Street Parking

Restricted to approved deliveries, pickups and guests. Overnight parking is not allowed.


Household pets (dog, cat, fish bird, etc.) are acceptable provided they are not a nuisance or objectionable to other lot owners. No animals other than household pets are allowed. Dogs are required by City Ordinance to be on a leash or owner restraint when off the owner's property.

The City of Kerrville pet ordinance is as follows:Four dogs or four cats or a combination totaling no more than four.

A report of a violation can be made by calling City Development Services (Code Enforcement) at 258-1170.


All outside TV Dishes require approval; no dishes are permitted on roof or front structures. Dishes of 22 inches or less may be placed aesthetically on the side or back of residence. Dish size may not exceed 40 inches in diameter. All 23 to 40 inch dishes must be place on a ground pole, and pole may not exceed 37 inches in height from the ground. Landscaping must be provided to ensure full screening on all sides of the pole and the dish except for the face of the dish.

Outside Lighting

Other than indirect lighting, none is allowed without prior written approval.

Outside Storage

None allowed without prior written approval, includes automobiles, boats, RV's truck s, furniture, etc. Boats, campers, trailers and recreational vehicles of all kinds are not allowed on the property or street except for the purpose of loading and unloading, but in no event for more than twenty-four hours.

Yard Fencing

No chain link or wire fences are permitted to be built. Fences are to be built of masonry, wrought iron or stained wood, of earth tones, as described below under Siding. Side yard fences must not extend closer to the street than the main structure of the home.

Note that starting in 2021, you must also obtain a permit from the City of Kerrville before erecting a fence. You can find information on city permits here.


The external masonry on all homes, either in estate areas of townhouse tracks, must be at least fifty-one percent (51%). However, some lots require not less than seventy-five percent (75%) masonry, stone, stucco and brick and the remaining portion of not more than twenty-five percent (25%) of stained or painted wood or siding, evenly distributed. Furthermore, the masonry must be distributed around the home to give a pleasing exterior to all views. Any new construction or modification to existing structures must be submitted to Architectural Control Committee for prior approval.

Set Back Lines

The allowable building set back lines will be determined by all of the following: the recorded plats, the recorded Covenants, Conditions & Restrictions and the City of Kerrville building permit requirement. In no case may the building set back line be extended over plotted lines except when a written variance is requested and granted.


All siding must be solid wood, hardboard siding or equal (Hardiplank being acceptable). No plywood siding is allowed. All siding must be stained or painted. Colors must be earth tones or natural tones such as: subdued shades of blue, brown, beige, green, gray, tan or white. Not acceptable: shades of lavender, maroon, pink, purple, red, turquoise, yellow, or black, or any brilliant color. Any variation in color must be submitted to and approved by the Architectural Control Committee. This applies to all wood fences as well.


Roofs shall be cedar shingles, tile, composition (340 lb. minimum) or standing seam type metal. (Metal roofs, other than copper, must be painted, pre-finished or acidized.)

Buildings and Structures:

The Deed restrictions provide that "all buildings and other structures on the property shall be of new and permanent construction".

Fences, Hedges, and Walls

The various subdivisions have different restrictions. General guideline for approval are: (a) none of the above items closer to the street than the building setback line, (b) all items must be on the owner's Lot, and (c) not block the view of an owner of an adjacent Lot. On corner Lots, consult the City of Kerrville Planning and Zoning Department. The City Code makes obstruction of public ways unlawful. Where deed restrictions do not specify a height for fences, walls and hedges, a maximum height of five (5) feet is recommended. Townhouse Tract No. 8, Blocks 1 & 2: Decorative and masonry and wrought iron fences not to exceed 32 inches in height are allowed. No other type of fence is permitted. Fence plans must be submitted to and approved by the Architectural Control Committee. The Meadows, The Fairways, the Cottages, Las Casitas and Los Adobes restrictions are covered by the "Extent of Architectural Control. All Lots adjacent to the golf course should not have a solid or high fence. A wrought iron fence not to exceed 42 inches in height is suggested.


City of Kerrville ordinances prohibit changing the water flow from one owner's property to another owner's property. If house construction or modification and/or landscaping changes water flow, Lot owner must take steps to arrange his Lot drainage so as not to put his Lot's drain water on another owner's lot.

Property Appearance

Deed restrictions provide that no lot shall be maintained or utilized in such a manner as in APOR's judgement to present an unsightly appearance, or as to unreasonably offend the morale of, or to constitute a nuisance or unreasonable annoyance to, or as to endanger the health of , other owners or residents of property in the Subdivisions, and no noxious or otherwise offensive condition or activity shall be allowed to exist or be conducted thereon. City of Kerrville ordinances make it unlawful for weeds or grass to grow more than six inches high, or to retain stagnant water on the property.

Appearance of Construction Sites

On-the-Job Toilets

All builders and re-modelers are required to provide suitable on-the-job toilet for the period of the construction. Portable toilets are allowed, but should be located away from the street or the golf course, and maintained regularly.


One home sign allowed at each site. Maximum size of sign not to exceed 2 feet by 3 feet. Other signs such as: landscaping, yard maintenance, construction or other commercial signs are allowed only while work is being performed.


Building Contractors and re-modelers must keep their job site clean and neat. This can only be accomplished by periodic trash removal. Special care should be taken to remove masonry and sheet rock debris as soon as possible. Trash should not be allowed to collect or blow off the job site. Workers should be instructed not to bring unleashed pets to the job site and not to play radios loudly, which is annoying and distracting to adjoining owners.

Parking at Building Sites

Workmen should be asked and required to park their vehicles in a manner so as to not block any traffic. Two-way traffic must be maintained on the street.