Current Events at APOR

The Architectural Committee is now properly separated from board, and, we are happy to announce, fully staffed! Doug Holmes has stepped down from the board, but has stepped up to lead the Architectural Committee. With Bethany Mikeska's continuing work on the committee, we now have a fully formed and highly effective committee. While the membership has changes somewhat, the address remains the same: Contact us at [email protected]..

Of course, with Doug leaving the board, we needed to recruit a new board member, and we did. Warren Ferguson has stepped up to fill the role. Please welcome Warren to the board. He brings years of experience in Riverhill and Kerrville, having previously served on the city council.

The new CCR tool is fully launched and proving quite helpful. You really should check it out. Simply go the “Resources” tab on the website, Click on the “Interactive Maps & CCR’s” and find your lot.

2022 Membership Update. Well, we finally made it to 300 members, but that is still ONLY HALF of the residences in Riverhill. We are still looking for more Riverhill residents to join the organization.

We welcome your comments and questions. Just drop us an email at, once again, [email protected].We're always listening.

Riverhill Property Owners Association | March 21, 2022