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Why is Membership Important?

Carrying out the Mission of the Association is not free. Mowing, landscaping, entrance sign maintenance and small projects represent a significant expense for the Association. In addition, although each Board member serves as an unpaid volunteer, the Association does incur administrative costs and legal fees in carrying out its advocacy and CC&R enforcement activities.

The actions of the Association make Riverhill a more attractive and wonderful place to live. Please do your part as a property owner and be a member of the Association of Riverhill Property Owners. The $45 membership fee represents a great value that you see every day when walking or driving through Riverhill.  

SPECIAL NOTE TO ALL RESIDENTS: Please know that the white lines that were painted on each side of Riverhill Blvd are not for walking or riding bikes but to narrow the driving lanes to encourage slower speeds for cars traveling down RH Blvd.  We would greatly appreciate your strict cooperation.ter.



The Riverhill Property Owners Association is a self managed HOA.  It serves to promote a family environment while assisting members in maintaining their investment.

This shall be accomplished through various programs that support an aesthetically pleasing neighborhood.

The Association:

We seek your support, as we are a voluntary member organization according to our bylaws.

Our website address is www.riverhillpoa.com

The goal of this website is to better serve our members by keeping them informed of association rules, regulations and membership, to be a resource for information about our community and to provide news and announcements to keep you better informed.

We hope you find this information useful and ask for your assistance in helping achieve our goals and welcome your suggestions in helping us to continually improve.

Our Mission

We welcome your suggestions. Submit below:



Yard of the Month



Plat Map

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Member Bulletin Board

Welcome to the new information hub for ALL members of the Association of Property Owners of Riverhill.  Simply double click on the board and add your information.

City Pet Ordinances Wildlife information

To report street light outages email: dispatcher@kpub.com. or call  830-258-1222 please include the no. that is on the pole.  


Dear APOR Members,

Here are the guidelines for the selection of the Yard of the Month:

Yard selections should be based on color, overall beauty, water wise quality and maintenance.

Submissions should be made through the website by the 20th of the month.(www.riverhillpoa.com)

Owners will be notified of their selection and asked if a sign may be placed in their yard.  Permission will be requested to print picture, name and address to be put on website, RHCC newsletter and newspapers.

Selections will be  made by a minimum of two Board members.

Nominees must be an APOR member to win.

 President Jeff Talarico, Vice President Gary Cochrane, Board member Sue Tiemann, Carolyn Northcutt and Karen Guerriero.

Waste Calendar

 "National Night Out" 2017 at 733 Oakland Hills.

Advertising Opportunities

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 Greg Shrader handing off the duties of President to Jeff Talarico

Annual Dues

Member Dues Can Now Be Paid On-line