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The Association of Property Owners of Riverhill mission is to maintain the appearance and property value of all Riverhill Subdivisions for the benefit of the property owners.


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Why is Membership Important?

Carrying out the Mission of the Association is not free. Mowing, landscaping, entrance sign maintenance and small projects represent a significant expense for the Association. In addition, although each Board member serves as an unpaid volunteer, the Association does incur administrative costs and legal fees in carrying out its advocacy and CC&R enforcement activities.

The actions of the Association make Riverhill a more attractive and wonderful place to live. Please do your part as a property owner and be a member of the Association of Riverhill Property Owners. The $35 membership fee represents a great value that you see every day when walking or driving through Riverhill.  


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NOTICE  October 4, 2013 The City of Kerrville will begin work on Riverhill Blvd to alleviate the traffic and speeding issues. We appreciate your patience as we make these improvements. Signed, The Board of The Association of Property Owners of Riverhill, Inc.

Meetings held in the boardroom of the Mansion at the Riverhill Country Club

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As you can see in the article to the right there is an overpopulation of deer in the state of Texas but more specifically in the Riverhill Subdivision.  We have had several meetings with the Texas Parks and Wildlife Biologist, Rufus Stephens, and he has assisted us in granting APOR a permit so that we may maintain a healthy deer population in our neighborhood.  We have recommendations from TPWD and will be removing the amount of deer that has been granted us under that permit.  If you have any further questions regarding the permit, please contact President Hilton Farris at 370-7547.


SPECIAL NOTE TO ALL RESIDENTS: Please know that the white lines that were painted on each side of Riverhill Blvd are not for walking or riding bikes but to narrow the driving lanes to encourage slower speeds for cars traveling down RH Blvd.  We would greatly appreciate your strict cooperation with this very important matter.

Deer Article

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