P&Z Meeting August 4th

The Planning & Zoning Commission considered an Ordinance that would regulate both the location and operation of Short-Term Rentals (STR’s) in Kerrville. Following a lengthy public comments session and deliberation a motion was approved to forward it to City Council recommending approval.

If adopted, it would not allow STR’s in the two Riverhill residential zones (R-1; R-2). It does provide for “grandfather” rights to existing “permitted” STR’s. There are presently six with one pending in Riverhill. All others would be in violation of the Ordnance. The process now moves to City Council for readings at two Council meetings. From comments made last night it appears the item would be on their Agenda for their September 12th and 26th meetings. Support or opposition can be forward to Council via email or in person by speaking at the meetings. We will keep you posted as the Council meeting approach as well if any significant developments surface.

Riverhill Property Owners Association | August 4, 2022