Special Members Meeting

We will hold a members meeting on May 16th, at 6PM. The meeting will be at the Riverhill Country Club mansion. The agenda is a discussion of the recent re-zoning of an area immediately south of Riverhill on Highway 16. All members and prospective members are encouraged to attend. You can find more information here.



May 16, 2022

RHCC – Mansion (1800)

  • Call to Order

  • Introductions & Welcome

  • Approval of Agenda for Meeting
  • Meeting Purpose & Subject
    • Summary of P&Z Meeting in April
    • APOR Position Concerning Development
      • Approved Zoning Information
      • Additional Planned Development
      • Additional Zoning Concerns
      • Traffic Concerns on Riverhill Boulevard
      • Proposed Extension of Loop 534
    • Review of Planned Development
    • Review Actions/Research to Date
    • Proposed Actions Going Forward

5. Member Input – Time Permitting

6. Adjournment

Riverhill Property Owners Association | May 16, 2022